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No other marketplace can match the power of The Surety to find the perfect professionals for your jobs and gigs

Why is The Surety Better?

The crowd amplifies your search to find professionals, so that professionals that you may never otherwise find (but who are highly-qualified for the job or project) are encouraged to apply by recommenders who want the bounty

The crowd stands behind the professionals they recommend with their wallets

You can see exactly which applications have received the most vouch payments, which allows you to tap into non-publicly available information about candidates to determine which applications are legitimately the best

The crowd is helping to find the exact professional to match the specifics of your job or project, rather than you undertaking some generic search or using a marketplace algorithm that cannot match the power of the crowd

The crowd does the hard work for you, even though you remain in complete control and can still interview and further vet professionals

The crowd's collective wisdom as to the best professional for a particular job or gig far exceeds that of any one website or headhunter

Our bounty program is like the traditional candidate referral bonus on steroids, both because it surfaces more and better candidates than such bonuses but also because it does the vetting and ranking of applications for you

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The Surety Marketing Gig Apr 14, 2018 Jan 7, 2019 $3,000 3