The Surety Marketing Gig

Client TheSurety
Estimated Gig Budget
Status: Open
Application Period Ends: Jan 7, 2019
Recommendation Period Ends: Jan 11, 2019
Job Category Sales and Marketing
0.0400 BTC
(currently, $130.46)

Gig Description

This is a gig from The Surety for help with outreach to employer and clients about our new marketplace as we get underway.

Information For Prospective Applicants

The ideal candidate would let us know in their application why they think they are the best marketer for the gig and why we will get our money's worth. We need enough information to allow us (and recommenders) to assess the relative merits of different applications.

This is a pretty flexible gig, so we aren't setting out many specifics (just that you would be doing outreach to employer and clients to let them know about our new marketplace and to encourage them to post jobs and gigs on The Surety).

We may be willing to pay more than $3000 if you and/or your recommenders can convince us that your service will be worthwhile for us at a higher price point (you can set a higher fee in your application). We only want legitimate outreach done that is well received and has a high likelihood of resulting in high-quality job and gig postings in the U.S. market. As a result, the selected applicant would need to have a good understanding of our marketplace and its unique benefits to employers and clients.

We expect this gig to start in mid January. Applications will be accepted until January 7. Recommendations of applications can be made until January 11. After the recommendation period ends, we will select the winning applicant and work should begin shortly thereafter. For the payment to the marketing professional that wins the gig, we are happy to pay in U.S. dollars (or BTC) and are willing to use escrow to hold the funds until completion of the gig. Once the gig is complete, we will also rate the marketing professional on the work provided on the gig, at which point the bitcoin bounty to recommenders would be disbursed.

Information For Recommenders of Applicants

The bounty payable to recommenders for this gig is 0.04 BTC (roughly $160 with BTC around $4,000). Recommenders who have ensured the selected applicant will split the net bounty in proportion to their surety payment if the selected applicant receives a rating from us of 9/10 or 10/10 on the gig after its completion.

As with all surety payments on The Surety, if you are a recommender who has ensured an application that is not selected, your surety payment will be returned in full. In addition, if you ensure an application and the professional performs well, you'll receive your surety payment back and, most importantly, a share of the bounty! The only time you ever lose your surety payment is if the professional you ensured is selected but does not perform well on the gig.

Of course, it makes sense to ensure only those applicants that you are confident in (which, in most cases, means applicants you personally know). As a reminder, your surety payment can be as low as 0.0001 BTC (currently roughly around $0.40) and if you are the only one who ensures the selected application, you'll receive the entire net bounty if the professional performs well.

If you know of a marketing professional or agency who would be great for this gig, encourage them to apply and then you can ensure their application and receive the bounty!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


ordered from the application with the highest total of surety payments made by recommenders to the lowest
stevensteel's Application
Date Status
Nov 11, 2018 Visit stevensteel's Profile Page Pending
Total of Surety Payments Made By All Recommenders for this Application: 0 BTC
Applicant Fee Request (which can differ from budget estimate provided by client on gig posting): $1,500

stevensteel's Application Remarks:

I have a lot of experience with ICO Marketing because of my position with Paranoid Internet, an online marketing and consulting agency based in Berlin. During my time there, I have managed ICOs with annual revenues of up to $30 million. I have also done community management for these ICOs, and I managed to get the number of people in our Telegram group from 100 people to over 4,000 people.

The client can view individual recommendations and surety payments here for stevensteel's application
NikolayFili's Application
Date Status
Nov 12, 2018 Visit NikolayFili's Profile Page Pending
Total of Surety Payments Made By All Recommenders for this Application: 0 BTC
Applicant Fee Request (which can differ from budget estimate provided by client on gig posting): $1,500

NikolayFili's Application Remarks:

I'm a charismatic and eager to learn recent graduate. I hold two bachelors of science degrees in marketing and business law, along with four various associate degrees. While I might not have decades of experience in marketing, I make up in the fact that I am innovative, industrial, and tenacious. I run two start-ups that are about to launch in two completely different industries - cannabis streetwear and literature, while also holding leadership in a tech start-up. Being a good marketer means that one is not only knowledgeable in the sciences, but also creative enough to create and apply the sciences into practical and effective content. I am that good marketer. Please see my Linkedin profile for more information.

The client can view individual recommendations and surety payments here for NikolayFili's application
Theycallmeholla's Application
Date Status
Nov 15, 2018 Visit Theycallmeholla's Profile Page Pending
Total of Surety Payments Made By All Recommenders for this Application: 0 BTC
Applicant Fee Request (which can differ from budget estimate provided by client on gig posting): $2,000

Theycallmeholla's Application Remarks:

EXPERTISE IN Hard Work Chaos Troubleshooting Culture Marketing G Suite Adobe PS, AE, PR, and AU Zapier Facebook Business Manager (Facebook Blueprint, Audiences, Analytics, Ad Creation, etc.) Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Google Analytics Process Development, Roll-out, and Execution Employee Training, Development, Management, and Termination Copywriting WORK EXPERIENCE Cursive Media, USA — CEO September 2016 - Present Decided I was tired of reaching everyone else’s ceilings, resigned all consulting positions and decided to put my money where my mouth is. Currently developing structure, marketing plans, and creative for a small group of companies. Primary focus is Facebook advertising, content, and branding for my clients. Have been more concerned with building a foundation as a fulcrum to scale than fast-paced revenue generation and sacrificing customer experience, short term. Content Content Content Holliday USA - CEO, Public Figure February 2016 - Present Freelance business consulting project that I started to help a friend and turned into a revenue opportunity helping several clients “I change lightbulbs” The primary client of Cursive Media. Focused on helping businesses on the cusp of success find the missing pieces or factors, tweak systems, facilitate the hiring and firing of team members, creating processes, removing wasteful spending, time drains, etc. ASAP Credit Repair, Houston, Tx — COO April 2016 - January 2018 Developed scripts, wrote copy, and refined mission statements for ASAP Credit Repair Designed and implemented an elaborate, yet effective, employee training program. Utilizing Facebook and Google Ads, increased gross revenue from $200k annually to in excess of $1 million. Experience with over $50k in digital ad spend over that time period. Personally integrated significant autonomy in regards to texts, emails, scheduling, and lead qualifying, via Zapier. NeverNot, Los Angeles, Ca — Management June 2016 - Present Oversee management duties of international DJ/Producer Kennedy Jones Work with inflated egos, personalities, scheduling conflicts, differences of opinion, and knowitall mentalities, and still get results. Spend a lot of time on the road, in hotels, and in meetings., USA — CEO September 2016 - Present Saw an opportunity to get a “2nd Sale” with two businesses I was consulting for. They both weren’t interested in the product, so I initiated it myself. Affiliate marketing based business; grossed approximately $300k in 2017 NationHaull LLC, USA — CEO January 2017 - April 2017 Partnered with 2 individuals The company failed due to circumstances I should have foreseen, but in the process, learned a significant amount in regards to federal tax laws, managing remote employees, keeping track of daily data, and B2B negotiations during the “tough” times. Boardwalk LLC, Houston, Tx — Director of Operations, Managing Partner April 2010 - Present Started bartending and working security just looking for an opportunity. Offered position of GM of Kryptonite. During contract negotiations, was declined “partnership” as part of pay. Six months into position, offered partnership. Took the club from negative revenue to one of the most infamous EDM nightclubs in the country. After several floods, the club closed in 2016 for good. Partner of Houston Eagle, ranked #9 “Most Popular Gay Bar In The United States” by NewNowNext Instrumental in brand creation for Kryptonite, The Eagle, XL, Athens, Bayou City Bar & Grill, and Ministry during my tenure. Sherlock’s Pub, Houston, Tx — Bar Manager March 2008 - March 2010 Oversaw the two most successful “St. Patrick’s Day” celebrations. EDUCATION Google YouTube My Parents My Mentors A lot of Mistakes Graduated from Piedra Vista High School in May 2000

The client can view individual recommendations and surety payments here for Theycallmeholla's application