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The Surety, Literally: The Surety is the groundbreaking new jobs and gigs marketplace where you literally have the surety that you are hiring the best professionals.

The Surety is a better way to source the best professionals for your jobs and gigs and to get better applications and proposals for those jobs and gigs. No more sifting through unreliable third-party ratings on unrelated jobs or gigs. And no more exorbitant fees to trust a marketplace or headhunter that has limited information and a limited pool of candidates. With The Surety, the crowd surfaces the best professionals and does the vetting of applications and proposals for you — and the crowd has information as to the competency of professionals that you could never otherwise surface. Applicants compete to provide you the best overall applications and proposals, resulting in a race to the top where you get better applications and proposals, and the best applications and proposals literally bubble up.

Offer up a bounty to your social networks and others, and let your friends, colleagues, and the world help you find the best candidates and separate out the best applications and proposals from the ones that merely look good on paper but won't deliver. Have applicants compete to offer you the best applications and proposals, and have their applications and proposals ensured by others so that you can be confident in the quality of the work that will be provided. Get started today!

The magic lies in The Surety's patent-pending system of crowdsourcing the best applications and proposals. As part of a job listing or gig request for proposal, you set out a Bitcoin bounty as an incentive to the crowd to help find the best professionals. Professionals submit applications or proposals for the job or gig — anyone can recommend an application or proposal, and recommenders include a surety payment in connection with their recommendations.

The bounty provides an incentive to recommenders to alert qualified professionals in their networks about the job or gig posting and encourage them to submit applications or proposals, so that the recommenders can collect the bounty. The Surety's unique system also provides a vetting mechanism for the best applications and proposals to literally bubble to the top. The minimum bounty for a job or gig posting is 0.01 BTC - currently $32.53. Higher bounties produce better results and more qualified candidates though.
Anybody can recommend any application or proposal. If the service condition is satisfied by the professional, then those recommenders who ensured the professional's application or proposal will split the net bounty in proportion to their surety payments. For jobs, the professional must be employed for at least 3 months, and for gigs the professional must receive a rating of 9/10 or more from the client on the gig in order for recommenders to receive the bounty.

The only time you lose your surety payment is if the professional you ensured is hired and underperforms. If the employer/client does not select an application or proposal for which one or more recommenders have submitted surety payments, those surety payments connected to an application or proposal that is not selected are returned in full to the recommenders.

The minimum surety payment that can be made by a recommender in connection with an application or proposal is 0.0001 BTC - currently $0.33. So, for a surety payment of as little as 0.0001 BTC, you could be awarded the entire bounty!
The Surety can be used for virtually any job or request for proposal. For example, if you want to build a house or do a major home renovation, simply set forth the details (providing as many specifics as possible or potentially leaving the request for proposal more open-ended, if you want to provide the professionals more leeway to determine details as part of their bid) and let the proposals come in (with recommenders standing behind their recommendations with their wallets).

The Surety works for almost anything, from consulting gigs, to complex web development projects, to legal work, to full-time executive-level jobs. The Surety is even the perfect marketplace for soliciting bids on unconventional requests for proposals — basically anything where you want the world to help you surface the best proposals and applications.

Of course, in addition to all the other use cases, we are the uniquely perfect market for hiring blockchain and crypto developers.
Instead of paying exorbitant fees to an inefficient headhunter or marketplace, with The Surety you offer up a bounty of your choosing to the world to source the best professionals for you!

The Surety charges a 20% commission on bounties, so that recommenders split the remaining 80% of the bounty after the service condition is satisfied. The Surety does not charge any other commission or fees. The Surety charges nothing on the salary or fee paid from an employer or client to the professional.

As a result, employers and clients generally pay considerably less for our service than they would pay using headhunters or other marketplaces. And employers and clients get far better results using The Surety. Because we use Coinbase wallets to disburse bounties and surety payments to recommenders, you will not lose any of your share of the bounty or your surety payment to Bitcoin transaction fees (although your initial bounty payment and surety payment will be on-chain and, as a result, subject to mining fees, but no other fees).

Although bounties and surety payments are made in Bitcoin, salary or gig fee payments from the employer or client to the professional can be made in U.S. dollars -- The Surety does not handle or charge any commission from those payments.
Bitcoin has several advantages over traditional currencies that make it ideally suited for the payment of bounties and transferring of surety payments, including low/no transaction fees and no chargebacks.

Surety payments are returned in full by us when professionals are not selected for a job or gig, and are also returned in full to recommenders and paid out along with a portion of the net bounty when professionals are selected and the service condition is satisfied. We didn't want transaction fees to eat away at these amounts. (The payment for wages and fees to professionals can be made using your normal payment system, in U.S. dollars or other currency).
  • The crowd amplifies your search to find professionals, so that professionals that you may never otherwise find (but who are highly-qualified for the job or project) are encouraged to apply by recommenders who want the bounty
  • The crowd stands behind the professionals they recommend with their wallets
  • You can see exactly which applications have received the most surety payments, which allows you to tap into non-publicly available information about candidates to determine which applications are legitimately the best
  • The crowd is helping to find the exact professional to match the specifics of your job or project, rather than you undertaking some generic search or using a marketplace algorithm that cannot match the power of the crowd
  • The crowd does the hard work for you, even though you remain in complete control and can still interview and further vet professionals
  • The crowd's collective wisdom as to the best professional for a particular job or gig far exceeds that of any one website or headhunter
  • Our bounty program is like the traditional candidate referral bonus on steroids, both because it surfaces more and better candidates than such bonuses but also because it does the vetting and ranking of applications for you

About Us

The Surety is based out of Block Labs LLC, the innovative new tech incubator based in Washington, DC.

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Neil Sandhu

Founder, Block Labs

Neil Sandhu

Neil Sandhu is the founder and CEO of Block Labs LLC, and inventor of The Surety's underlying patent-pending technology. Neil is a computer programmer, technical expert, and web app developer. Neil is a graduate of the University of Virginia and University of Virginia School of Law.

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